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LUXIC Technology is a leading global supplier of high performance semiconductor products in the optoelectronic interface markets, specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling high speed analog and mix-signal interface integrated circuit chips. Luxic products are widely used in data center, coherent optical communication, 5G network, FTTX, consumer active optical cable (AOC) and autonomous driving areas. Luxic was established in 2020, and has offices and facilities in Singapore, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou.
With the industry-leading low power driver and high sensitivity TIA technologies, Luxic provides optoelectronic interface IC solutions for the optical communication applications of data center, telecom, consumer and autonomous driving.
Luxic products are widely used in Data Center, coherent optical communication, 5G network, FTTx, Consumer AOC, and FMCW Lidar.