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  • Layout design engineer

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the analog layout design and verification of the chip, optimize the circuit performance, complete the layout design of the circuit module and the whole chip;

    2. Familiar with mixed signal layout design, able to fully communicate with circuit design engineers, fully understand the layout requirements of the design, and ensure circuit performance optimization;

    3. Responsible for the preparation of relevant delivery documents, including but not limited to the maintenance of layout verification and acceptance standards and CHECKLIST, Tapeout documents, etc.

    4. Independently completed DRC and LVS of layout, maintained PDK and necessary optimization and modification.


    Job qualifications:

    1. College degree or above in electronics, instrument, computer, communication, physics, mathematics or related field;

    2. At least 2 years experience in full custom layout, experience in tapeout is preferred;


      High speed broadband circuit layout experience is preferred;


      Familiar with CMOS process, have solid semiconductor theory knowledge and can understand the common circuit structure;


      Familiar with Linux system and Virtuoso, Calibre and other layout design and verification tools;


      Master the matching rules of simulation layout, noise shielding, etc. Deep understanding of ESD, latch-up design rules;


      Proactive and responsible, with good team spirit and communication skills.

  • Analog IC design engineer

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the design and verification of analog circuit module and overall chip circuit, write design and simulation report;
    2. Participate in analog circuit module planning, digital analog interface definition and discussion;
    3. Plan layout scheme, assist and guide layout engineer in layout design, and check whether layout design meets the requirements;
    4. Participate in test plan planning, assist test engineer to design test board schematic diagram and PCB wiring;
    5. Participate in circuit module and overall chip testing, write user manual and other documents.


    Job qualifications:

    1. A Bachelor degree or above in Micro Electric, Electrical Engineering, or Telecom is needed.
    2. 5 years analog IC design experience for bachelor, and 3 years for master or above.
    3. Good understanding on analog circuit design, familiar with the IC design flowchart, be capable of design and develop the IC product.
    4. Bandgap/LDO/OSC/PLL design experience.
    5. Experience in behavior level modeling with Matlab, Simulink and VerilogA;
    6. Proficient in analog/mixed signal design and electromagnetic modeling and simulation tools such as Cadence, Spectre, Hspice;
    7. Direct experience in the design of one or more of the following modules with signal speeds of 56Gbps or greater is preferred: TIA, PFD, CTLE, FFE, DFE, CDR, CML drive, optical drive;
    8. Experience in high speed circuit test;