Luxic Provides series of optical modulator driver chips, including direct modulation driver and external modulation driver. The data rate per lane covers 10G~128G baud rate, which supports the optical transceiver module data rate up to 800Gbps, and supports transmission distance from tens of meters of multi-mode modules to thousands of kilometers of coherent modules.
Part No. Baud Rate Lanes Laser Pitch Power Package
LX1050CDL002 10G 1x EML - 0.87W QFN
LX1051CDL002 10G 1x EML - 0.87W QFN
LX1201DV220 12G 4x VCSEL 250um 0.15W W/B
LX1600DV420 16G 12x VCSEL 250um 0.72W W/B
LX2800DV220 28G 4x VCSEL 250um 0.6W W/B
LX5600DV220 56G 4x VCSEL 250um 0.6W W/B
LX5700DV220 56G 4x VCSEL 250um 0.8W W/B
LX5630DV000 56G 1x MZM - 0.28W W/B
LX5630DV250 56G 4x MZM 625um 1.12W W/B
LX5630DV350 56G 8x MZM 625um 2.24W W/B
LX5730DV250 56G 4x MZM 625um 1.2W W/B
LX5730DV350 56G 8x MZM 625um 2.4W W/B
LX5720DV000 56G 1x EML - 0.3W W/B
LX5720DV250 56G 4x EML 625um 1.2W W/B
LX6432DV250 64G 4x MZM 625um 1.8W W/B
LX6432DV251 64G 4x MZM 625um 1.8W F/C
LX12830DV250 128G 4x MZM 625um 2W W/B
LX12830DV251 128G 4x MZM 625um 2W F/C